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  • Announcing QuickScore 3.3!

    We're incredibly excited to announce QuickScore 3.3. This release includes over 75 large enhancements, most of which were suggested by our customers. Along with this new functionality comes dozens of usability enhancements that make the software easier to use. We’ve even refined the entire application’s appearance with a slightly fresher and more modern feel.

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  • One of the largest new features in version 3.2 is the ability to edit multiple scorecards at once. This mass-edit feature is built into the Report Writer, and it can save you a lot of time.

    In this example we’re going to find all of the red measures and then assign our helpdesk team as their owners. The first step is to create a new report showing all measures that are red for the current period. Before we save the report, we can now see a “Mass Edit” button on the bottom of the screen.

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  • Adding “or” Filters to Reports in 3.2

    QuickScore 3.2 has the powerful new ability to add “or” filters to reports. Here’s an example of how they work. Let’s start with a simple report that shows all of the measures that are red for a month.

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  • New Owner/Updater Report in 3.2

    The owner/updater report is back in version 3.2. The first step is to choose a scorecard item, and here we’re choosing an entire scorecard.

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  • New Measure Comparison Report in 3.2

    The measure comparison report was a popular feature in QuickScore 2, and now it’s back with new functionality in version 3.2. It’s used to compare organizations that have similar measures.

    The first screen step in the wizard is to choose which organizations you want to see in your report. You can either select each organization one at a time, or you can automatically include an organization’s descendants.

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