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  • It’s now easy to see what numbers go into a calculated measure value. Equations can be very complex, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand the nuanced differences between aggregation types like “sum” and “use equation.”

    Although this explanation gets a little technical, don’t worry, the software is easier to use than ever. The only thing that has changed is that you can hover your mouse over a number to see how it was calculated.

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  • Hyperlinks in Text Widgets in 3.2

    You can now add hyperlinks to other websites inside of text widgets. Just select whatever text you want to use for the link, click the hyperlink button, and type the address of the website you want to link to.

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  • Align Dashboard Widgets in 3.2

    You can now select multiple widgets and then align them with top, bottom, right, left, middle vertical, or middle horizontal alignment. In this example we’ve selected four dashboard widgets.

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  • This new video introduces the Briefings section. If you're presenting data from QuickScore regularly in meetings, it's a must-know time saver.

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  • Locking Dashboard Widgets in 3.2

    In QuickScore 2 there was a shared image library that was maintained in the Administration section. Users could then choose one of those images to use as a background image on their dashboards.

    In version 3, it’s much simpler to add images to dashboards. You can upload images directly to each dashboard using image widgets, or you can just drag and drop a file from your desktop. And, because dashboards automatically put larger widgets underneath smaller widgets, you can upload a large background image and your smaller widgets will appear on top of it.

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