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  • In QuickScore 2 you could make dashboard widgets the same size by selecting multiple widgets and then resizing one of them. This wasn’t very intuitive, so we didn’t keep this functionality when we developed version 3.

    In version 3.2 the ability to make multiple widgets the same size is back, and it’s better than ever. You can now choose “size” in every widget’s configuration menu, and then type in a height or width. If multiple widgets are selected, your changes apply to them all. In this example all of the widgets have the same width of 165, so it pre-fills that number in the size menu.

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  • This video introduces Scorecard Templates and Rollups. If you're building multiple scorecards with similar measures, this that can save you a lot of time and effort. Concepts covered include:

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  • Custom Chart Labels in 3.2

    In this example we’re showing three types of revenue for a particular month.

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  • Better Single-period Chart Labels in 3.2

    In this example we’re showing book revenue, training revenue, and product revenue for four months.

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  • By default, charts automatically determine their Y axis scale based on the data that they’re showing. In this example the chart range is $0 to $100k.

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