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  • Note Widgets in 3.2

    The new notes widget in QuickScore 3.2 allows you to see the notes for a scorecard or initiative item on your dashboard. The widget shows a preview of each note, as well as an icon showing whether there are any replies.

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  • Linear Gauge Widgets in 3.2

    You can now add linear gauges to dashboards. Like speedometer widgets, you can configure them in all kinds of ways, including what labels or data they show. The new linear gauges automatically adjust as you resize them, and when you make them taller than they are wide, they switch to a vertical orientation.

  • Strategy Map Arrows in QuickScore 3.2

    In QuickScore 3.2 you can draw arrows between the objectives on your strategy maps. Just select the objective where you want the arrow to start, click on the arrow button, and drag the new arrow to another perspective.

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  • When you create a new strategy map in QuickScore 3.2, you now have a choice between Automatic and Blank.

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  • There’s an entirely new section in QuickScore 3.2 called Strategy Maps. Of course, you could build strategy maps in QuickScore before, but they were called dashboards and were in the dashboards section, which isn’t ideal for something so important to the balanced scorecard methodology. Now, For the first time ever, you can completely build your strategy map perspectives, objectives, and arrows directly in QuickScore, all without needing background images.

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