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We’re committed to your success. In addition to free videos and webinars, we offer training and consulting services to maximize your return on investment. Our team of experts are here to help with every phase of your implementation and growth. Whatever your requirements, we have options.

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What is a Balanced Scorecard?

The Balanced Scorecard is a management system. It’s a way of looking at your organization that focuses on your big-picture strategic goals. It also helps you choose the right things to measure so that you can reach those goals.

The name “balanced scorecard” comes from the idea of looking at strategic measures in addition to traditional financial measures to get a more “balanced” view of performance. Learn more

What is a Strategy Map?

A strategy map is a diagram that shows your organization's strategy on a single page. It’s great for quickly communicating big-picture objectives to everyone in the company.

With a well-designed strategy map, every employee can know your overall strategy and where they fit in. It helps keep everyone on the same page, and it allows people to see how their jobs affect the company’s strategic objectives. Learn more

a simplified example of a strategy map

Blog posts

Announcing QuickScore 3.3!

We're incredibly excited to announce QuickScore 3.3. This release includes over 75 large enhancements, most of which were suggested by our customers. Along with this new functionality comes dozens of usability enhancements that make the software easier to use. We’ve even refined the entire application’s appearance with a slightly fresher and more modern feel.

To help you discover everything 3.3 has to offer, we have free QuickScore training videos. We’ve also put together a What's New in 3.3 Guide for QuickScore. Finally, we’re hosting a series of free online webinars to walk you through the new features.

If you want to maximize your return on investment, we offer paid formal training courses and dedicated consulting engagements. Most of our customers prefer the flexibility of contracting for remote (web-based) assistance, but we also have on-site services available if they’re a better match for your requirements.

We have more information about all of our free and paid services on our Services page.

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Editing Multiple Scorecard Items at Once in 3.2

One of the largest new features in version 3.2 is the ability to edit multiple scorecards at once. This mass-edit feature is built into the Report Writer, and it can save you a lot of time.

In this example we’re going to find all of the red measures and then assign our helpdesk team as their owners. The first step is to create a new report showing all measures that are red for the current period. Before we save the report, we can now see a “Mass Edit” button on the bottom of the screen.

When you click the “Mass Edit” button, a column of checkboxes appears on the left. You can choose individual scorecard items that you want to edit, or you can click the dark checkbox on the top to select all of them. When you’re done, click “Edit Selected Items.”

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