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Automate Your Balanced Scorecard

QuickScore is the fastest and easiest way to automate your Balanced Scorecard. Just enter your perspectives, objectives, and measures. Then update your measures with actual performance values every month.

Beautiful Strategy Maps

Once you've built your balanced scorecard, QuickScore will automatically generate your strategy map. You can even tweak its appearance by moving and resizing colored bubbles. Now you can see how well everything is performing at a glance.


The Scorecards section is just the beginning. With QuickScore you can build dashboards, track strategic initiatives, run reports, set alerts, give presentations, and so much more.


  • Full balanced scorecard automation

    Get everyone in your organization on the same page. QuickScore is web-based software that you can use anywhere from any device.

  • Track low-level measures

    First, set your goals. Then update your measure values by hand or with automated data feeds. Each measure gets a score and a color of red, yellow, or green.

  • Manage big-picture strategy

    QuickScore automatically rolls up your weighted measure scores to objectives and perspectives so you can see how well you’re executing on your overall strategy.

The scorecards overview tab in QuickScore

Strategy Maps

  • Automatically generate

    Once you've built your balanced scorecard, an attractive strategy map is just a button click away. QuickScore automatically creates live, interactive strategy maps from your perspectives and objectives.

  • Tweak the layout

    Strategy maps communicate your organization's strategy, and we know how important it is for them to look perfect. You can add logos, draw arrows between objectives, and move and resize everything.

A balanced scorecard strategy map


  • Monitor your critical data

    Dashboards show your performance at a glance. You can add charts, gauges, text, images, and more. It’s like PowerPoint, but with live data.

  • Drill down

    If you want more information, just click to drill down to underlying data, performance trends, and comments.

A fully interactive dashboard


  • Fix under-performing objectives

    Balanced scorecards do more than just measure performance, they’re about action. Put strategic initiatives in place to improve your objectives.

  • Earned value management

    We use EVM to predict if you’ll finish on time and under budget. All you have to update is your percent complete and how much you’ve spent.

Strategic initiatives in the initiatives section

Charts & Reports

  • Prebuilt reports

    QuickScore’s canned reports give you results in a few clicks. You can list all of your red measures, or compare common measures across organizations.

  • Custom reports

    Create ad hoc reports to explore your data. QuickScore’s custom report writer combines powerful filters with your choice of layout.

The QuickScore red measures report


  • Set alerts

    Choose to be alerted when any measure turns red. Or, set alerts for specific items, like when a measure falls below a certain value.

  • Limit notifications

    You can choose to receive alert emails immediately, every night, once a week, or never.

Alerts for measures, scorecards, and strategic initiatives


  • Build a presentation

    Assemble your strategy maps, reports, and dashboards into a multi-slide briefing. It’s like PowerPoint, but with live data.

  • Tell your story

    As you advance through slides, your data is fully interactive. If you click on something to drill down, you can easily resume your presentation with one click.

A briefing presentation in QuickScore


  • Any device

    QuickScore works great on all screen sizes, from your mobile phone to your board room projector.

  • Cloud software

    You use QuickScore in a web browser, so there's never anything to install or update. If you’d rather host it on-premises, you can do that too.

  • Recommended by the best

    QuickScore is the only software officially recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

QuickScore works great on a mobile devices like iPhone

What our customers say about QuickScore

"After experimenting with various BSC solutions, we found in QuickScore, the ideal software for all of our projects. It's flexible in Balanced Scorecard design, has an extensive reporting capability, and is user friendly.“
Jaime Lozada Jaime Lozada - CEO, Estratek
"QuickScore is a very straightforward tool to collect, analyze and visualize our data. When needed, the QuickScore technical support team has always been quick to respond and great to work with. Highly recommend!"
Terri Tuttle Terri Tuttle - Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
"QuickScore was easy to understand and implement, allowing Pierce County to gather, present, and analyze data for real-time decision making."
Gary Robinson Gary Robinson - Pierce County Budget and Finance Director

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